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IS TRANSITION TO RETIREMENT STILL VIABLE? As many readers will be aware, legally getting access to superannuation before retirement can be rather difficult. But, back in 2005 things were made just a little easier. Find out more


  • Personal annual review meeting with your Financial
  • Annual Client Review Report and Portfolio Valuation
  • Regular "Prepare for Life" newsletter via email
  • Ongoing Adviser support access at additional fixed
    consultation fee
  • Post Budget email updates
  • Educational seminars and Fund Manager Updates


The completion and implementation of your statement
of advice is just the beginning of our support and guidance.
The key to the success of our advice is the ongoing support
available with our SILVER ongoing service level.

Our SILVER ongoing service level includes comprehensive
annual portfolio valuation reports with commentary and an
annual meeting with your Financial Adviser that looks at your entire
financial position from a strategic perspective.  This ensures that
you are maximising opportunities and using cash flow in the most
productive means available.

This level of service is appropriate for investors that need ongoing
support to implement the multiple strategies involved in their
financial plan or to ensure that they remain diligent on their quest
to achieve their goal of tax effective financial independence.
Your ongoing service level is reviewed each year to ensure it
remains appropriate to your needs.

You may have sufficient existing wealth or  your investments have accumulated to the extent that you now have enough funds to afford differing lifestyle options.  This may include the important issues such as choice of schools for your children or the less crucial discretionary expenditure decisions such as upgrade to your residence, purchase of luxury motor vehicle or boat, or visiting various exotic holiday destinations.  Now more than ever you need personalised contact with your financial planner.


Appropriate Advice
We need to know about your changing circumstances and whether our original advice remains relevant for your current situation.  Building and maintaining wealth is an ongoing journey.

Keeping You Informed
It is important to know that you are progressing towards achieving your goals.  You need to know what advice is required to keep you on track.

By continuing to work in partnership with you, we encourage you to remain disciplined to achieve your agreed goals.  We remind you of your goals if we see you veering off track.

Feeling Of Comfort
Through education, appropriate advice and a monitoring partnership, ongoing advice keeps you on track.  If we all remain proactive in our process, we can continually look at ways of making the most of what you have.

"It is important to know that you are progressing towards achieving your goals."

Fee For Service
The annual fee for our SILVER ongoing service level is calculated based on various factors.

The factors include an ongoing Strategy and Risk Management Premium based on the quantum of funds on which we provide advice and a time based charge for the anticipated cost of our staff providing the ongoing services under the service program to you.

Based on the amount of the funds on which we will be providing you advice, your Adviser will detail to you the Service Fee for the first year including GST.  The fee may be debited from your investment portfolio on the basis of monthly payments.

Alternatively, you may choose to be invoiced annually in advance.

Additional fees may be applicable if there are significant changes required to your existing plan and will be fully disclosed prior to proceeding with the changes.

Any commissions or referral fees received by us in relation to the provision of advice on lending or insurance shall be fully disclosed to you and retained by us.

The success of any plan is dependant upon the commitment that you are prepared to make to it.  It is important that not only are we prepared to provide a level of ongoing service to you in accordance with the information that we have discussed, but equally you are prepared to meet the costs of us providing that service to you.

Accordingly we seek to obtain agreement in advance of the provision of services to you so we both have certainty that there will be cooperation by all parties leading to a successful outcome.

Upon you providing your authority and confirmation that you will meet the agreed costs that we are about to incur in the provision of services to you, we will proceed with our agreed service level.


Our commitment to you
As our client, you will receive high quality professional advice and ongoing services that ensure your finances will be professionally managed to suit your needs and goals, both now and in the future.

Our commitment to you will be based on understanding your needs, maintaining the integrity of the advice we give and ensuring effective communication of the solutions we agree to implement.

It is our aim to be not only your most competent and trustworthy source of financial advice but also the provider of financial advice to your family and future generations.

Our range of services and integrated financial services advisory firm model gives you the benefit of having one contact point for all your financial needs.

Your commitment to us
You agree to provide us with sufficient financial information to enable us to deliver suitable financial services to you based on your goals and objectives.

You agree to notify us in the future of any changes in your circumstances so that we can adjust our advice to ensure accurate and applicable financial services continue to be provided to you.

Should you decide to accept our offer, you agree to be bound a Letter of Engagement which purports to details the general obligations and charges associated with us providing financial services to you.


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What our clients say...
  • "One word - Trust. I know how to make money, but accounting and financial planning is foreign to me so I've had to rely on people who I trust to look after my money. I've been working with Ross now for over 20 years as an accounting client, and when my financial planner retired it was an easy transition to Andrew, particularly because of his age. Andrew is young, serious, experienced and he is a long-term thinker. There is unbridled trust both ways working with Andrew. - Read more
    - Wayne Nicholson, First National Real Estate
  • "Andrew Westcott stands out from the crowd. When there were a few challenges with an insurance matter, he went to enormous lengths to find a solution. Not only that, he is a genuinely good bloke, and he is supported by a great team at M Financial Services. I trust, respect and highly recommend Andrew to anyone needing financial expertise at any point in their life." - Read more
    - Ryan Boccalatte
  • Andrew looks after us as if we were his only clients, even though we know we are not. He is generous with his time, easy to talk to, he clarifies issues in simple terms and talks to us in a friendly and professional way. Andrew helped us make the big decisions involved in our retirement, and has never given me the impression that as a female my views are not important in any conversation or decisions making process and this is important to me. Both Don and I feel important and valued by Andrew and the staff at M Financial Services, and that has helped us feel safe and secure in our financial future. - Read more
    - Don and Gayle Zahner
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