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- Realise Your Dream
IS TRANSITION TO RETIREMENT STILL VIABLE? As many readers will be aware, legally getting access to superannuation before retirement can be rather difficult. But, back in 2005 things were made just a little easier. Find out more
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You are starting to make major financial and personal life decisions and your circumstances are becoming more complex.  You might want to renovate your home, pay for the children's education, enjoy an amazing holiday or build your investment portfolio.  Now is the time to look at ways of accelerating your path to increased wealth and diversifying your investments.

Targeted strategic advice to suit your circumstances

You have probably got on top of a lot of responsibilities in life and might be looking to make more lifestyle choices for yourself.  Effective financial planning can enable you to look forward to and enjoy your current and future lifestyle.  So you get the feeling that your money could be working harder, but don't know what to do about it?

It's about making the most of what your have.

Our advice may cover the following:

  • Budgeting strategies
  • Management of household debt and cash flow
  • personal, family and lifestyle protection
  • Income and asset protection
  • Simplify and boost your superannuation
  • Borrowing to invest strategies
  • Education funding
  • Analyse strategies to grow your investment portfolio
  • Check your investment allocation against your risk profile
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Linking your current investments to your retirement strategies
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Facilitating UK Pension transfers
  • Retirement strategies
  • Investment strategies 

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What our clients say...
  • "One word - Trust. I know how to make money, but accounting and financial planning is foreign to me so I've had to rely on people who I trust to look after my money. I've been working with Ross now for over 20 years as an accounting client, and when my financial planner retired it was an easy transition to Andrew, particularly because of his age. Andrew is young, serious, experienced and he is a long-term thinker. There is unbridled trust both ways working with Andrew. - Read more
    - Wayne Nicholson, First National Real Estate
  • "Andrew Westcott stands out from the crowd. When there were a few challenges with an insurance matter, he went to enormous lengths to find a solution. Not only that, he is a genuinely good bloke, and he is supported by a great team at M Financial Services. I trust, respect and highly recommend Andrew to anyone needing financial expertise at any point in their life." - Read more
    - Ryan Boccalatte
  • For approximately forty years, while Ross Maclean acted as both accountant and friend, I've witnessed the addition of intelligent, hardworking people. Andrew Westcott became my financial adviser almost six years ago. Although honour is an old-fashioned notion, I have found Andrew to be honourable, as well as knowledgeable, helpful, and patient, when I really needed his help when my husband died and I didn't function for a few years. That's when you need someone who you can trust. I have recommended Andrew to several friends, and I recommend you consult Andrew if you need financial advice. - Read more
    - Roslyn Evans
  • Andrew looks after us as if we were his only clients, even though we know we are not. He is generous with his time, easy to talk to, he clarifies issues in simple terms and talks to us in a friendly and professional way. Andrew helped us make the big decisions involved in our retirement, and has never given me the impression that as a female my views are not important in any conversation or decisions making process and this is important to me. Both Don and I feel important and valued by Andrew and the staff at M Financial Services, and that has helped us feel safe and secure in our financial future. - Read more
    - Don and Gayle Zahner
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